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Thank you to those who sent cards! I received a lovely one with an ibis from someone whose RL name begins with M, but I'm afraid after racking my brain all day, I can't figure out who sent it. Help? :\

Very related: I am still having health problems. I've been to a lot of doctors but haven't found a definitive diagnosis so far, and at this point I'm reluctant to even say what the current theory is, because all previous theories have eventually been proven incorrect, and it starts to feel foolish to have to keep correcting myself. But whatever it turns out to be, the biggest issue right now is cognitive — I'm struggling with memory, concentration, and ability to do mentally strenuous tasks without becoming totally exhausted.

There are still rewarding things I can do with my time despite these challenges, and I'm grateful for that, but fandom is not really one of them. I'm trying to figure out a way to participate, because I miss you guys. I can still read my flist and comment sometimes, but I am afraid soon my comments will begin to be met with choruses of "who?" since I have disappeared otherwise. (My gaming friends, conversely, are probably getting sick of the sight of me, since actiony/repetitive tasks are something I am a champ at right now.)

In summary, I am really behind on everything AS USUAL, but I have a pretty good excuse this time!

I hope those of you who are celebrating holidays around this time are enjoying them, and I hope to be around more in the new year, if I can. ♥

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