May. 6th, 2015

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Well, it wouldn't be LJ without memes, would it?

What I'm reading:
A lot of posts and comments from you all! :D I have no idea how I kept up in the days when LJ was even more active than this.

What I'm modding:
Not in charge of any fannish activities but my own at the moment, thankfully.

What I'm thinking about:
What I'm going to make for dinner for the next few days. My kid's school play this weekend. More ideas for French vocabulary building. Also thinking of a few friends who are having a rough time of it lately. ♥

What I'm creating:
Things to post later in the month. I've got several posts half-written, but none finished today, which is why you get a meme. :P I'm also making iced rooibos tea. Yum.

What I'm watching:
I don't watch TV but lately I've been watching the Hearthstone streamer StrifeCro almost every night. I'd like to think I'm learning something from watching such a good player, but I will admit that his calm voice also makes me super sleepy so it works out either way...

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