May. 11th, 2015

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That AMA day was great. I loved reading everyone's questions and answers, and I keep going back to people's entries to find more. :D

I have one question left over that I didn't get to, from [ profile] nearlyconscious: What's the fic you wrote that you like the most, and why?

This was hard to answer, mostly because it feels like bragging, and because I am actually pretty self-critical and have a difficult time liking my own writing. (It would have been easier to come up with the fics that I was the most disappointed in, but I'm not nearly enough of a masochist to make that post.) I don't think I can narrow it down to just one — I have posted almost 150 fics over 13 years, after all — but I'll name a few that come to mind, in no particular order

Five fics of mine that I like )

If any of you would like to take on the same question, I'd be fascinated to read the answers. What are your favorite fanworks that you've created, and what makes them stand out above the rest?

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