May. 12th, 2015

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[ profile] tamlane suggested I should make a post describing a room of my house. Hmmmm. I suppose the room my computer is in would be easiest. :D

[personal profile] hannelore and I have separate bedrooms; this one is mine. We prefer having individual spaces — I always hated sharing a bedroom with my ex, but felt it was expected. Mine's on the second floor, at the front of the building, with large, teal-bordered windows (the landlord's choice of color) facing out onto the street. The traffic noise is constant, but I'm used to it. When I have the windows open in the summer, the dust from outside piles up on the windowsills faster than I can clean it off. It's especially dusty here in the spring, when six months of snow melts overnight and leaves six months of grime behind, now dry and blowing in the wind.

It's not a big room, with not much in it. Just what I need. My computer desk is ancient and sits on wobbly, spindly legs; it's faced so that I can see the the sky out the window past the power lines. Beside it is a futon on the floor, where I sleep. There used to be a futon frame, but when it finally broke (yes, we broke my bed, and yes, it happened how you think it did, no need to remove your mind from the gutter) I decided I didn't want another one. A futon on the floor is comfortable enough, and the floor never breaks. I straighten the covers every day.

I only have a tiny wooden bookshelf, because we keep most of the books on the big shelves in the living room. This one is just for my clock, my pills, the books I'm reading to fall asleep at night, and the books I wouldn't want my kid randomly picking up and reading without guidance. (Push by Sapphire is a representative example.)

There are a lot of pictures on my walls, mostly drawn by my stepson and by [personal profile] hannelore. On the wall right next to my computer is a printout of the IPA keyboard layout I use so I can quickly look up any symbols I've forgotten how to type. Across from that there's a road map of California, which was never meant to be a display piece and has faded terribly from the light.

Hanging in one of the windows is a heart-shaped prism that [personal profile] hannelore gave me, and every day somewhere around 5 o'clock, unless it's cloudy, the sun hits it just right and for half an hour or so the walls of my room and the closet door are spotted with dozens of tiny rainbows, flitting back and forth as the prism sways on its string in the breeze.

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