May. 13th, 2015

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* I seem to have strained a finger, either by typing too much or by playing WoW too hard (the harder you mash the keys, the more damage you do, it's true *nod*) or possibly both.

* I get to have my blood drawn today. Whee.

* It's so windy out that the clouds are just zipping by. It's going from completely overcast to completely clear and back in five minute intervals. I can't tell if it's making me moody, or if I already was moody and the author of my life story is merely employing some overly-obvious symbolism.

* The house money came through, and although I've already planned out what needs to be done with it, I have to suppress the urge to immediately give it all away because other people need it more than I do. I know that sounds self-congratulatory, but it's how I actually feel — and it's what I actually did when my mom's life insurance money came through, which is how I ended up flat broke two years later. It's different now because I have a family to provide for, but if it were just me...

* One of the things I am looking forward to spending money on (almost certainly because it's not for me) is building a new computer for [personal profile] hannelore. She needs one badly. I've always wanted to build one myself — it's supposedly cheaper than getting one put together for you — but I haven't trusted myself not to screw it up. But realistically, there are only a few parts of the inside of a computer that I haven't installed/replaced, so if I put all those skills together at once, that's a whole computer, right? Here's hoping.

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