Aug. 23rd, 2015

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Tomorrow we're leaving on vacation to Washington DC for a week -- yay! The trip was planned before I started having this health issue, and after discussing it we decided to still go, with adjusted expectations of course. DC is a very walky place to visit so I might not be able to do everything, but whatever I can do should be fun.

It's been a long time since I was there last. It was actually in December of 2001, so some things were closed for security reasons. It was part of a trip I took with my then-girlfriend to visit some fandom-related places (the DC part being associated with The West Wing) allegedly for fic research purposes. As an extremely cynical and proudly unpatriotic 19 year old, I was a lot more impressed with the capital and all its monuments than I expected to be, and it pushed me in a direction of being more interested in American history, as well as being less of a little shit in various ways.

I'm excited to go back. I'm such a different person at 32 than I was at 19 (well, you'd hope so, wouldn't you?) and it'll be cool to revisit a place that, in retrospect, marked a real turning point in my turning from a dumb kid into a less-dumb adult.

Also, it'll be my birthday on Wednesday! Whee! :D

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