Jan. 14th, 2017

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I realize belatedly that I never posted that I was leaving, since I hadn't been posting much anyway, but I'm back! For the last three weeks I've been visiting family/housesitting on the west coast. It was tremendous fun. It rained a lot... like really a lot, like most-rain-in-ten-years a lot. But it was a treat compared to the 9 million feet of snow that I guess we missed here in Vermont. And in a rain-free moment, [personal profile] hannelore got to fulfill her lifelong dream of hanging off the side of a San Francisco cable car. Pictures later, perhaps.

And now back to the real world, with its many put-off responsibilities and concerns. Though on the fun side, I do get to read all the rest of the Kinky Kristmas fics I haven't seen yet! I see that reveals have already happened, which I am guessing is why I've got a few new folks reading along. Welcome!

I also notice that a large number of people I've known on LJ forever have all friended me on DW within a few days of each other. Did something, uh... happen?

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