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What a great [ profile] hp_halloween it was this year!

I got this sweet & lovely drabble from my sweet & lovely wife:

The Moon And I (PG, Luna/Hermione) by [ profile] _hannelore

And I had the privilege of writing again for my friend [ profile] dexstarr:

The Fall (G, Narcissa, Andromeda) [AO3]

I would encourage anyone who has some time to check out the entries if they haven't. Since they're all double drabbles it doesn't take long, and there are some real gems. Every year I'm amazed at the depth and beauty writers are able to pull off in 200 words.

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Jan. 7th, 2016 12:39 pm
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A shamefully long time ago, I received this lovely gift in the [ profile] hp_halloween drabble exchange:

Carry My Soul Into The Night (PG-13, Narcissa) by [ profile] flyingharmony

It's great and just what I wanted, and I'm so sorry I didn't point to it until now! Better late than never?

As for me, I wrote for [ profile] reynardo:

Red Ribbon (G, Hermione & kids) [AO3]

Do read it on AO3 if you read it, since a typo somehow made its way into the LJ version. >_<

In more current news, [ profile] severus_snape's annual fest starts posting on the 9th (naturally), and I've got an entry in there. And claiming has started at [ profile] hp_kinkfest, which I hope to participate in, health permitting and all.

How are you all doing? I try to stay positive but life doesn't make it easy some days, does it?

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All right, time for [ profile] hp_halloween, before I get too ridiculously late with it. First off, [ profile] kellychambliss and I wrote for each other, and boy was I nervous. I respect her writing a hell of a lot and I think I know her tastes fairly well, so I really wanted to get it right. I hope I did.

The Margin (G, Minerva & all the Heads of House) by me
After the children are asleep, the Heads of House have their own Samhain ritual.

And then her drabble for me! Oh man.

Chromatic (G, The Grey Lady & Luna) by [ profile] kellychambliss
Every year, the Grey Lady waits for Samhain.

I can't even say how happy this made me. I've been throwing prompts about Luna and the Grey Lady into different fests for years, and in 200 words she managed to make it everything I wanted, and more complete and satisfying than some stories that are ten times the wordcount.

As usual, there were many excellent entries. Here are a few others that particularly stood out to me:

The Dark )

The Sexy )

The Sweet )

The Funny )

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[ profile] hp_halloween ficlets are up, wheeee! The one written for me is sweet and lovely and I just want to give it a big hug:

Autumn Chaos by [ profile] dexstarr (PG-13, Luna/Pansy)
summary: Luna thinks Pansy needs to relax.

And as it happens, I also wrote for [ profile] dexstarr:

The Maiden and the Crone by me (G, Minerva/Rose)
summary: Minerva has retired from Hogwarts, but not from teaching magic.

With what looks like 60-some ficlets, there surely must be something for everyone, and there were really a ton that I enjoyed. These are just a few that stood out to me:

The Dark )

The Heartbreaking )

The Hot )

The Funny )

Happy Halloween, all!

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