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The masterlist for [ profile] severus_snape's annual fest is up! I wrote this ficlet:

By Now Should Be Antique (G, Filch & Snape) [AO3]
Argus doesn't know where Snape comes from anymore.

It's just a little thing, but I was pleased to be able to contribute. ♥

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Now that [ profile] severus_fest reveals have happened, I can say that I wrote:

Unbreakable (R, Severus/Narcissa) [AO3]
When Narcissa left Spinner's End that night, she was not in Severus's debt.

I was somewhat unsure about this fic when I submitted it (I knew where I was trying to go with it, but wasn't certain it would come across), so I have to say I was really tickled to watch folks discussing it during the anonymity period and coming up with many of the same ideas for Severus's motivations that I'd had in mind, as well as some I hadn't even thought of. Snape just wouldn't be Snape without a dozen different possible reasons for what he does, would he?

This was a fun fest to write for and there were a lot of great entries. Check them out!

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Kinky Kristmas reveals are up and I am filled with shame at how little I managed to read before disappearing into the holidays. :| Well, at least the fics aren't going anywhere, right?

My two lovely gifts were written by [personal profile] tjs_whatnot (Forever and Always) and [ profile] dexstarr (Sin and Salt). Thank you both very, very much. ♥

Now, Kinky Kristmas is a double-blind fest where you don't know who you're writing for, and yet I have managed to pick [personal profile] songquake's prompts two years in a row. We are clearly on the same wavelength in a wonderful way. :)

I wrote:

Theme and Variations (NC-17, Padma/Lavender) [AO3]
"Ready?" Padma asks with a raised eyebrow, sliding her belt out from the loops of her jeans.
content: Daddy kink, ageplay, gender play, D/s, spanking, dirty talk

Um... my id is showing, isn't it? I really like gender play, and I really like Daddy kink when Daddy is a girl, but it's not such a common thing in fandom. I am happy to contribute to there being more of it. >:D

Aaaaaand posting has started at [ profile] severus_fest where I'll have a fic going up at some point, and of course I haven't managed to read anything yet, but OMG did you guys see this amazing art that was posted for it?

Snapebastian (PG-13, Snape, worksafe) by Mystery Artist

Brilliant take on Snape as St. Sebastian, with very insightful use of the traditional imagery.

And now to put together a 2014 roundup post, and then contemplate how the hell I managed to sign myself up for so much that is due in January and February. /o\

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