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[ profile] rarewomen posting day is here!

I didn't sign up this year because I "didn't have time", and I also assured myself I wasn't going to be pinch hitting, and was only reading the emails from the pinch hitter mailing list out of curiosity.

That said, I wrote this pinch hit for [ profile] jacquelee:

The Telling Stone (ST:TNG, Teen, Guinan/Ro Laren)
Guinan's father lives at the straggling edge of the Alpha Quadrant, as far as he can get from the remains of their homeworld without leaving the galaxy, on a lonely desert moon.

And now to read stuff. :D

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I received an excellent gift:
Pictures in the Pavement and Magic in the Rain by [personal profile] el_staplador (G, Mary Poppins, ft. Mary, Jane, Winifred, & the Bird Woman)
It shows us more of the lives and relationships of the women in this movie in a wonderfully believable and satisfying way. It's everything I was hoping for when I asked for this fandom. You should read it!

I got matched with [personal profile] hannelore, which I knew was a possibility (it's not my fault we have similar tastes) but this year I just figured if it happens, let it happen. For her I wrote:
Deep Breath (Teen, World of Warcraft, ft. Onyxia & Lilian Voss)

Such enormity moving with such grace (G, ST:TOS, ft. Gillian Taylor)
And I wrote a treat for [ profile] dropsofviolet:
The Thrill of the Hunt (G, ST:TNG, ft. Tasha Yar)
I'm looking forward to combing through the rest. There are some stories that look amazing from the summaries, it's just a matter of finding time to sit down and read. D:

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I've been shaking the presents at Rarewomen (i.e. reading the tags) and getting increasingly excited about the reveal on Saturday. Gimme the fic! I want it now!

Uh, not that it would be a good thing if the reveal happened now, since some people *cough* might still be putting finishing touches on their entries. And writing treats, don't forget that! Somehow the research for a treat I'm trying to write has turned into watching multiple episodes of a TV show that is not the canon for the fandom I'm writing in, but that's okay, I can write fast. I mean, I can't really, but I can convince myself that I can and that's almost the same thing.

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Are you excited? I'm excited. Let's do this!

I think my optional details give a pretty good idea of what I'm hoping for in each fandom. I like stories that focus on relationships, which can mean friendship, romance, rivalry, family, or anything else you can think of. I want to see how people interact and how that changes with either the events of canon or the events of your fic. I also really like the worlds of these fandoms (different as they are), and would enjoy something that gets deeper into them and explores how these characters fit into them. "Deeper" doesn't have to mean super-serious, I just mean immersion into what it's like living in these worlds.

I'm on a bit of a femslash kick lately, so femslash or gen would be good. (Gen will never disappoint me!) If you write sex, with these particular fandoms I'd prefer it more R-rated than NC-17, if that makes sense. Adult stories are welcome but I'm not really looking for outright smut. Fade-to-black works too. I also like ambiguous romance, hints of attraction, unrequited love, that sort of thing.

There are only a few things that seriously bother me and that I would definitely not like: Characters feeling shame for their sexual preferences, crossdressing played for a laugh (I like it as a plot element or personal exploration, just not as a punchline), anything having to do with mental hospitals, and any harm to animals.

My optional details - Jeeves series, Mary Poppins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit )

P.S. It looks like sign-ups for this fest are open until the end of the month, so there's still time!

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Ugh, my computer. Long story short, taking it to a local repair place did not go well. I'm in the process of ordering new stuff online. Still using [personal profile] hannelore's computer for now, so I haven't been keeping up with LJ/DW like I usually do, but fandom marches on:

Nominations are open for [ profile] rarewomen, a multifandom fic exchange focusing on female characters in small fandoms, and rare female characters in large fandoms. This was new last year, and I had a blast writing in it, as well as receiving an amazing gift in a nonexistent fandom-of-my-heart, so I'm very excited it's running again!

Sign-ups are open for [ profile] hp_beholder, a fic and art exchange focusing on the HP characters who get less love because they're not considered conventionally attractive. Such a great range of amazing stuff always gets written and drawn for this.

Also, posting for [ profile] hp_kinkfest has started, and my first entry for it is up:

     The Secret Incantation (NC-17, Hermione/Sirius)
     Content notes: Underage sexual activity, age difference (15/mid-30s),
     dominance/submission play including body worship and orgasm denial.

I wrote this to the very first prompt on the list (Hermione/Sirius femdom), and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the prompt for me. :D I love to play with different kinds of power dynamics, and I've only rarely written Hermione as a main character, so I had a lot of fun writing this. You can also read it on AO3 if you prefer.

So what are you guys all up to lately?

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Yes, my last post was also squeeing over a gift fic. Here is another. They are both well deserved.

Would you believe, for [ profile] rarewomen (masterlist), I actually got fic for Topsy-Turvy, a fandom so obscure that up until now it had zero fics of any kind, even in Yuletide? And would you believe that it is about my two favorite characters, and that it is so amazing I almost died of happiness? BELIEVE IT.

are you in a sentimental mood? (Teen, Jessie Bond/Leonora Braham) by [personal profile] aphrodite_mine

If you've seen the movie, go read this fic. If you haven't seen the movie, go Netflix it and then read this fic. The story is brilliant in all the same ways the movie is, and then some. It's sad and real and subtle and hopeful, and beautifully subverts our expectations of Victorian women and their lives. If we only get one fic to represent this rich source material, I am so glad it's this one.

Meanwhile, I wrote a ST:TNG fic for [personal profile] oparu:

The New Water (Teen, Beverly Crusher/Deanna Troi) by me

Stuff about this fic and participating in the exchange )

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[ profile] rarewomen assignments are here! Of course, I got matched with the fandom that will require the most intensive canon-reviewing on my part. Not that I'm complaining -- I did consider that before I offered this fandom, and I can do it, it'll just take time. Fortunately the due date isn't until April.

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Hello, RW writer! Are you excited? I'm excited!

Likes and dislikes )

And for the sake of completeness, these were my fandom-specific requests:

Harry Potter )

Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse )

Topsy-Turvy )

By the way, if you matched me on a different fandom and get stuck, Topsy-Turvy is just one movie and it should be easy to find, so don't count it out as a backup plan. (No, this is not a shameless ploy to get more people to see this awesome movie. Well, maybe a little.)

Oh, and have fun!

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