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I realize belatedly that I never posted that I was leaving, since I hadn't been posting much anyway, but I'm back! For the last three weeks I've been visiting family/housesitting on the west coast. It was tremendous fun. It rained a lot... like really a lot, like most-rain-in-ten-years a lot. But it was a treat compared to the 9 million feet of snow that I guess we missed here in Vermont. And in a rain-free moment, [personal profile] hannelore got to fulfill her lifelong dream of hanging off the side of a San Francisco cable car. Pictures later, perhaps.

And now back to the real world, with its many put-off responsibilities and concerns. Though on the fun side, I do get to read all the rest of the Kinky Kristmas fics I haven't seen yet! I see that reveals have already happened, which I am guessing is why I've got a few new folks reading along. Welcome!

I also notice that a large number of people I've known on LJ forever have all friended me on DW within a few days of each other. Did something, uh... happen?

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Jul. 12th, 2014 10:56 am
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So hey, yeah, I'm going out of town! If anyone is going to be in the San Francisco area between now and the 29th, poke me and we can get together. Emails and PMs from LJ and DW will reach me.


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