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Nov. 1st, 2014 12:11 pm
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After the last thing I wrote, I kind of wanted to do something light and silly, so I smushed together some prompts from [ profile] daily_deviant and [ profile] hp_het_taboo and made this:

The Lovely Harpy's Bite (NC-17, Albus Severus Potter/Luna Lovegood) [LJ] [AO3]
An eminent magizoologist comes to Hogwarts to give a talk to the N.E.W.T level Care of Magical Creatures class. There's something very different about her, and Al can't take his mind off it.
content: underage sexuality (16), featherplay, wingfic (yes, really)

[ profile] hp_halloween roundup soon!

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I wrote this for [ profile] hp_het_taboo:

Two Can Keep a Secret (NC-17, Fred/Ginny, canon-compliant Harry/Ginny) [AO3]
Ten years after Fred's death, Ginny looks back on the secret they shared.

I want to emphasize here that that this is a story about abuse, and not a fun incest romp. Romps are good too (I've certainly written my share), I just don't want anybody to skim the headers and think this is one.

a few comments about why I wrote this (mentions of RL abuse) )

Anyway, this is shaping up to be a busy end to 2014. I've got a [ profile] daily_deviant fic to write for October and [ profile] hp_halloween due on the same day, Kinky Kristmas due in November, [ profile] severus_fest in December... so, yeah, probably not signing up for Yuletide this year. Treating is more fun anyway, IMO!

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