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is one of the useful tips of the day that you can read while the game loads. I am not sure everyone reads them guys!!

so this dude )

eta: This juxtaposition of icon and mood icon has made me notice the similarity of Peanut's fake wings to priest T5 wings.
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I'm in a dicey political situation. Someone I've known for several years has behaved very offensively (though perhaps not surprisingly), and how I deal with it now will probably have significant repercussions for teh guild, in terms of who joins and who doesn't.

It's very hard not to think that some people must not have a lot of real problems, that they have time to create pretend ones.

Every time I notice that I'm having no symptoms, I say "thank you" in my head. I think that's a pretty good way to live and more people should do it. I hope to be able to do it a lot more.
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I should have gone shopping before I went for surgery, shouldn't I. Now I don't really have any food, and I'm hungry, but I don't want to go anywhere and my brother isn't here. My legs are also getting stiff from not doing anything. I might walk around the block.

I have my ZA raid today, and one of the people in it just ragequit the guild that belongs to some of the other people in it. The drama really has nothing to do with me, and I attempted to make it clear that I expected everyone would maintain a civil demeanor for the duration of this one-hour raid. If I can show up to play the day after I was pissing blood, you can show up and play nice with the guy who tattled on you when you were mean to some other guy, kthx.

Our not-yet-existent guild has a web site that doesn't look like total crap. It's getting exciting and scary as we work out the specifics like web sites and vent servers &c. Like yeah, we're really doing this, not just sitting around saying we should do it.

I've almost finished re-reading The Dispossessed. Le Guin is really my favorite author ever. I've emulated her so much.

The person I'm in love with is going through hell. I'm impressed how she stands up through it. I think her strength is what captivates me the most.

I need to buy a new computer relatively soon. I'm afraid after the bill for my surgery comes I won't have enough money for it.
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I had to miss my own raid the other day because I had to work, due to a parade + street fair going on. The parade took the route I usually walk to work, so I just went behind the booths and watched the parade as I walked past it upstream. The fair part of it closed up around the butt of the parade, and by the time I went to lunch it was completely packed with people for about 12 blocks. I managed to make it to the hot dog + kettle corn area, which was a block away and took like 10 minutes just to reach.

In my cyber absence, the person I left in charge was the actual leader of my guild, a person that I like a lot but do not actually think is a very good leader, but I figured she could run a 10-man raid without messing something up. Someone no-showed, and apparently she spent a long time waiting and fretting and claiming there was nobody to replace him, before replacing him with -- hello -- the person I had previously arranged to serve as a replacement. (Btw: making people wait an indeterminate period of time is almost the worst thing you can do as a raid leader. You might as well have just pressed a button that magically makes everyone in the group instantly lose all their concentration and enthusiasm. She does this a lot.)

While they waited for something to happen, one member of the group was bored and decided to play a joke on another, by broadcasting a message in a populated area saying "[Name of person] is quitting the game and giving all his money away, send him a message if you want 50 gold", with predictable results. When this was told to me later I found it quite a funny prank really, but apparently Guild Leader lectured him sternly. Ah well. These things happen when you make people wait!

When they actually started, they made a mistake halfway through, causing Guild Leader to a) verbally blame someone who didn't do it and b) announce they were giving up. (To be fair she apologized to Blamed Person later.)

Sometimes nice people aren't good leaders. Sometimes trying too hard to be good leaders makes them less nice.
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Summary: I organized a group to do something hard, overcame wank and self-doubt, succeeded, and got something cool.

of course, as with everything, there's a bit of a story behind it )
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Summary: I organized a group to do something hard, overcame wank and self-doubt, succeeded, and got something cool.

of course, as with everything, there's a bit of a story behind it )


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