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And now that reveals have happened for all the fics I wrote in 2014, here they are!

Harry Potter )

Star Trek )

The Venture Bros. )

And OMG only three days until more Venture Bros. Anyone else watch this show? I've been a fan since the first season but I feel like I might have posted about it... never?? It's one of those things where I love it almost too much to write fic. After an episode I just sit there like, welp, I sure can't write any better than that, so...

Anyway, I wrote a bit less this year than last year, but I feel good about the quality of most of it, and there were several things that I'd wanted to write for a long time but the right opportunity hadn't come up before. (Yay, I finally got to write Guinan/Ro!) I was especially proud of Two Can Keep a Secret, and apparently others liked it too because it seems it won its category in [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. Awards can only be taken seriously up to a point, since of course they are subjective, but I do thank those who took the time to nominate or vote for my story, and congratulate everyone who was in the running. :)

I think 2015 is going to be awesome. No reason really, just a feeling.

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Oh man, I haven't posted in a while, have I? Real life was doing a number on me, not in a bad way, just in a busy way. I am going to get to all those December meme prompts, too, but first... the Kinky Kristmas reveals post is up at [ profile] daily_deviant, so I can say that I wrote this, to [personal profile] songquake's delicious prompts:

Pomona Sprout and the Five Points from Hufflepuff [AO3]
(NC-17, school-age-but-probably-legal Pomona/Minerva, kinks including tickling, teasing, and embarrassment)

Speaking of which, I found an embarrassment of riches in my [community profile] fandom_stocking! There seems to be a glitch right now where I can't comment there without it being screened, but rest assured I love my gifts and deeply appreciate everyone who took the time to make something for me, including but not limited to:

- State-Transition Function by [personal profile] sineala (ST:TOS, Uhura gen with linguistics!)
- Your Move by [personal profile] moontyger (WoW, Anduin/Wrathion with UST!)
- For the Horde by [personal profile] hannelore (WoW, Thrall & Vol'jin gen with barely-subtextual D/s!)
- An Introduction by [personal profile] smallbrownfrog (HP, Luna/Minerva pre-femslash with Gilbert & Sullivan references!)
- Outstanding by [personal profile] chokolattejedi (HP, Hermione/Septima with power play!)
- Krycek and Scully art from [personal profile] ani_bester and another Krycek art from [personal profile] tarlanx! *rolls around in XF nostalgia*
- Uhura art from [personal profile] trobadora! Uhura! ♥♥♥

I really meant to do all kinds of things for this fest, but what actually happened was I signed up for it and then promptly forgot about it until the deadline had, in fact, passed. I suck, I know. Next year I'll do better. But due to the technical problems that delayed the fest going live, I managed a few icons for people, at least, and one ficlet, which is so tailored to [personal profile] hannelore's interests that it might be incomprehensible to anyone else, but here it is anyway:

The Terrible Secret of Warsong Gulch
(G, Venture Bros., 21 & 24 friendship)

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