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Posting has started at [ profile] hp_kinkfest (yaaaaaay), and my entry is up:

Rest Your Head Close to My Heart (R, Harry/Hermione) [AO3]
It's almost time to wean her last child, and Hermione is thinking about what she's losing. Meanwhile, Harry is thinking about what he never had.
content: Lactation kink, adult nursing, non-sexual ageplay, epilogue-compliant fidelity issues (i.e. Harry and Hermione are both married, and not to each other)

I might just go ahead and make it my mission to travel the fandom as a kink-knight-errant, filling all the ageplay prompts in every fest. That's cool with everybody, right?

The title's from this (worksafe video, unless your boss doesn't like to see you crying at your desk).

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And now that reveals have happened for all the fics I wrote in 2014, here they are!

Harry Potter )

Star Trek )

The Venture Bros. )

And OMG only three days until more Venture Bros. Anyone else watch this show? I've been a fan since the first season but I feel like I might have posted about it... never?? It's one of those things where I love it almost too much to write fic. After an episode I just sit there like, welp, I sure can't write any better than that, so...

Anyway, I wrote a bit less this year than last year, but I feel good about the quality of most of it, and there were several things that I'd wanted to write for a long time but the right opportunity hadn't come up before. (Yay, I finally got to write Guinan/Ro!) I was especially proud of Two Can Keep a Secret, and apparently others liked it too because it seems it won its category in [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. Awards can only be taken seriously up to a point, since of course they are subjective, but I do thank those who took the time to nominate or vote for my story, and congratulate everyone who was in the running. :)

I think 2015 is going to be awesome. No reason really, just a feeling.

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Kinky Kristmas reveals are up and I am filled with shame at how little I managed to read before disappearing into the holidays. :| Well, at least the fics aren't going anywhere, right?

My two lovely gifts were written by [personal profile] tjs_whatnot (Forever and Always) and [ profile] dexstarr (Sin and Salt). Thank you both very, very much. ♥

Now, Kinky Kristmas is a double-blind fest where you don't know who you're writing for, and yet I have managed to pick [personal profile] songquake's prompts two years in a row. We are clearly on the same wavelength in a wonderful way. :)

I wrote:

Theme and Variations (NC-17, Padma/Lavender) [AO3]
"Ready?" Padma asks with a raised eyebrow, sliding her belt out from the loops of her jeans.
content: Daddy kink, ageplay, gender play, D/s, spanking, dirty talk

Um... my id is showing, isn't it? I really like gender play, and I really like Daddy kink when Daddy is a girl, but it's not such a common thing in fandom. I am happy to contribute to there being more of it. >:D

Aaaaaand posting has started at [ profile] severus_fest where I'll have a fic going up at some point, and of course I haven't managed to read anything yet, but OMG did you guys see this amazing art that was posted for it?

Snapebastian (PG-13, Snape, worksafe) by Mystery Artist

Brilliant take on Snape as St. Sebastian, with very insightful use of the traditional imagery.

And now to put together a 2014 roundup post, and then contemplate how the hell I managed to sign myself up for so much that is due in January and February. /o\

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Now that I have secured my own first choice... >:D

Claiming for [ profile] hp_kinkfest is open! As usual, it was tough to narrow it down to just three choices, let alone pick the one I wanted most. (Since I may have prepared my sign-up last night and sat at the computer madly refreshing this morning until the post appeared, someone else snagging my first choice was somewhat unlikely.) If my second and/or third choices aren't taken by the time I finish writing, I might grab them too.

Oh, and, uh... looks like I'm posting on the first day. Gulp.

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Some things I've been enjoying over the past, er... more than a month. I'm no good at that insta-rec thing some people seem to be able to do.

ST:TNG fic: New Days (G, Deanna-centric ensemble fic) by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Post-Ethics AU. Following Worf's death, Deanna struggles with her promise to raise Alexander.

   It's rare to read a story that understands grief this well — not just the emotions, but also how families and communities reorganize themselves around the empty space where the person once was.

HP fic: Haunted (R, Lily/Sirius, Lily/James, implied Sirius/James) by [ profile] writcraft
Dead or alive, Sirius Black has always haunted Lily.

   A beautiful and delicate look at the complexities of this triad, both before and after death.

HP art: Rat (worksafe, Padfoot) by [ profile] akatnamedeaster
In his dreams, he always catches him in the end.

   All the more powerful for its stark simplicity.

HP silly thing: HP Quotes Taken Out of Context (worksafe) [no creator credited]

   And on a completely different note, if you need a laugh after those three rather serious fanworks, indulge your inner 12-year-old with this! If anyone needs me, I'll be on all fours in Snape's office.

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All right, time for [ profile] hp_halloween, before I get too ridiculously late with it. First off, [ profile] kellychambliss and I wrote for each other, and boy was I nervous. I respect her writing a hell of a lot and I think I know her tastes fairly well, so I really wanted to get it right. I hope I did.

The Margin (G, Minerva & all the Heads of House) by me
After the children are asleep, the Heads of House have their own Samhain ritual.

And then her drabble for me! Oh man.

Chromatic (G, The Grey Lady & Luna) by [ profile] kellychambliss
Every year, the Grey Lady waits for Samhain.

I can't even say how happy this made me. I've been throwing prompts about Luna and the Grey Lady into different fests for years, and in 200 words she managed to make it everything I wanted, and more complete and satisfying than some stories that are ten times the wordcount.

As usual, there were many excellent entries. Here are a few others that particularly stood out to me:

The Dark )

The Sexy )

The Sweet )

The Funny )

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Mixed feelings about [ profile] hp_reunion, since so many of us are still here and have no need to be reunited! But I realize for many people HP fandom is now a long-ago memory and a reunion makes sense. I guess we should be glad it's stuck around long enough for that to happen.

Either way, today seems to be the day people are recreating or pointing to their first post in the fandom. Mine seems to have been on a mailing list called HP Improv.

But then! My friends from X-Files fandom persuaded me to get an LJ, which I had previously said I would never do. At the tender age of 20, I was already a stodgy old-timer who'd been in fandom for years, and I was sure this newfangled LiveJournal thing would never catch on. Online diaries were for high school drama, not Serious Fandom Business. Usenet and mailing lists forever! (Not sure whether to laugh or cry here.)

At last I caved and joined the 21st century, and broke the champagne bottle on my LJ's bow by reposting my very first HP fic, which I'm pleased to say is not embarrassingly bad. (Fortunately I was only new to Harry Potter, definitely not new to writing.)

And here's the post: May 6, 2003.

Notable things )

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new HP fic

Nov. 1st, 2014 12:11 pm
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After the last thing I wrote, I kind of wanted to do something light and silly, so I smushed together some prompts from [ profile] daily_deviant and [ profile] hp_het_taboo and made this:

The Lovely Harpy's Bite (NC-17, Albus Severus Potter/Luna Lovegood) [LJ] [AO3]
An eminent magizoologist comes to Hogwarts to give a talk to the N.E.W.T level Care of Magical Creatures class. There's something very different about her, and Al can't take his mind off it.
content: underage sexuality (16), featherplay, wingfic (yes, really)

[ profile] hp_halloween roundup soon!

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I wrote this for [ profile] hp_het_taboo:

Two Can Keep a Secret (NC-17, Fred/Ginny, canon-compliant Harry/Ginny) [AO3]
Ten years after Fred's death, Ginny looks back on the secret they shared.

I want to emphasize here that that this is a story about abuse, and not a fun incest romp. Romps are good too (I've certainly written my share), I just don't want anybody to skim the headers and think this is one.

a few comments about why I wrote this (mentions of RL abuse) )

Anyway, this is shaping up to be a busy end to 2014. I've got a [ profile] daily_deviant fic to write for October and [ profile] hp_halloween due on the same day, Kinky Kristmas due in November, [ profile] severus_fest in December... so, yeah, probably not signing up for Yuletide this year. Treating is more fun anyway, IMO!

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Now that [ profile] hp_beholder's final (*sob*) masterlist has been posted, I can say that my wonderful gift was written by [ profile] evensong14. Thank you! I've also added author names to my recs post.

I wrote:

The Ten Month Career of Professor R. J. Lupin (PG-13, Lupin/McGonagall, Snape/McGonagall) [AO3]
Remus tells himself again and again: He is not still in love with Minerva McGonagall.

It's a bummer that this was the last year for Beholder, though it's not entirely surprising. With the fandom less active overall, it's got to be difficult to maintain enough interest in rarepair fests, especially exchanges. I'm glad I participated this year, not knowing it was the last. I'd have been very sad if I hadn't.

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As usual, there were too many great entries in [ profile] hp_beholder to be comprehensive about this, but here are a few that especially stood out to me.

A Lonely Road (R, Severus Snape/Aberforth Dumbledore) by [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo
A perceptive portrait of Severus and Aberforth's relationship, as well as a vivid picture of the ever-absent Albus, drawn in negative space between them. Every detail adds to the ominous and oppressive time these characters live in, and not a word is wasted.

we lay together on a cold hard floor (R, Severus Snape/Peter Pettigrew) by [ profile] tarteaucitron
Over the summer holiday, the house hourglasses are taken down and Severus and Peter can approach each other as something less like players in a game, and more like people. The author strikes a perfect balance between pointing out the effects their choices have had and will have on their lives, while also making it clear that these aren't free choices -- they're constantly being pushed, by so many factors.

No Charity (PG, Aunt Marge/Rita Skeeter) by [personal profile] fluffyllama
Two threads are woven together well here: A deft and funny satire of English conservative culture as embodied in Marge, as well as an intriguing deconstruction of Rita and her self-created identity as a media gadfly. You wouldn't think it would work, but it does. The author struck just the right balance between letting the characters be vulnerable without sanding off the rough edges.

A Short Treatise on the Social Lives of Ghosts (PG, various ghost pairings) by [personal profile] dueltastic
Utterly charming and hilarious.

[eta: authors]

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My entry for this year's [ profile] hp_kinkfest just went up:

Almost Innocent (NC-17, Alicia/Katie) [AO3]
Katie Baby just can't wait for Mummy to get home.
content notes: Age play, subspace/littlespace, sex toys, "getting caught" kink, light incest play (depending on how literally you interpret "Mummy")

I will admit that this is only marginally fanfic, in that it barely matters who the characters are and what universe they live in. I really just wanted to write this kink, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. It's okay to be a little self-indulgent sometimes, isn't it? :)

On a very different note, my gift for [ profile] hp_beholder was posted, and it is definitely fanfic of the very best sort:

Elegy for a Goat (PG-13, Severus/Aberforth) by [ profile] evensong14
Ab has never been fond of his brother's protégés, but he's always had a weakness for goats. He's not sure what to make of Severus Snape.

Lushly written and richly characterized, it's hard to say enough good things about this story. I think I already wore myself out just commenting on it, so I'll just say: Read it! It's great!

[eta: author]

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new HP fic

May. 1st, 2014 04:15 pm
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April's [ profile] daily_deviant challenge was to make something based on a piece previously posted to the community. I chose to write about [personal profile] osmalic's art piece A Good Big Brother Always Shares (NSFW), though it turned out sort of... different than I expected.

The Lion's Share (NC-17, Regulus/Sirius[?]) [AO3]
Regulus knows he's not allowed in his brother's room, but something keeps him coming back.
content: underage sexuality, incest fantasy

In other news, one of my RAM sticks has gone bad! Yay! I expect the computer will continue limping along well enough until the replacements get here (the symptom is sporadic freezes), but still not something I'm happy about. I just hope it's that the stick was faulty to start with, rather than there being something else wrong that killed the RAM. It's not overheating inside the case or anything, so, fingers crossed.

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new HP fic

Mar. 1st, 2014 12:45 pm
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One of my favorite things in the world is to take a cracky-sounding premise and play it absolutely straight, so when I saw that the randomly-generated alternative pairing for [ profile] daily_deviant in February was Aberforth/Millicent, well... I knew what I had to do.

Opposite Ends (NC-17, Aberforth/Millicent) [AO3]
She thought she'd feel different after they'd fucked. He's lived long enough to know that he wouldn't.

Definitely one of those where I looked at the finished fic and was thinking "is anyone going to want to read this?" so I'm really pleased that it went over well. It was a stretch in some ways — I've actually never written either character before — but once I knew what I wanted to do with it, it came out surprisingly easily.

Oh, and happy slightly-belated birthday to [ profile] ragdoll and [personal profile] hannelore, two lovely Pisces. ♥

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Today's the last day to sign up for [ profile] hp_beholder!

As I was writing my sign-up I was thinking about how my requests in exchanges tend to vary a lot, even in the same exchange from year to year. My interests fluctuate, so one year I might ask for slash, another for femslash — one year I'll ask for darkfic, another for romance, and so on. I've done Beholder for a few years running, and each time my requests have been different and so have my offers. It's not that I've stopped liking the characters I preferred before, it's just that once I've written some character or pairing or topic I tend to feel like, well, I did that already. Not always, but often. Same for receiving a gift fic about them.

I guess it's easier to feel this way in a fandom with such a huge range of reasonably fleshed-out characters, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one! It seems that most people have their favorites and they pretty much stay the same. They're not writing one Snape fic and moving on, they're writing him year after year — and that's not a bad thing, it's just not how my head works. There's no way I would copy and paste my Beholder sign up from last year, because it doesn't reflect what I feel like now.

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It's 15 days too late for this, which is just about how behind I am on everything else at this point, so at least I'm consistent? /o\

I wrote a lot of fic this past year, mostly for fests. Well... all for fests, actually, or at least for things with deadlines. Not coincidental, that. Towards the end of the year I bit off more than I could chew and did have to drop out of one fest, which was a first for me, and a bummer. Next year, more realistic scheduling! But according to AO3, I wrote about 30,000 words in 2013, which is a bit more than in any past year, including years in which my fandoms were much more active.

Harry Potter )

Star Trek )

Warcraft )

I'm going to be bold and say that most of these were solid stories that I'm proud of. It was flattering and encouraging this year to be invited to write at [ profile] daily_deviant and to win/place in a couple of categories at [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. I hope this doesn't sound stupid or vain, but what I really want out of writing is to give other people enjoyment, and when I meet that goal it makes me happy.


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Oh man, I haven't posted in a while, have I? Real life was doing a number on me, not in a bad way, just in a busy way. I am going to get to all those December meme prompts, too, but first... the Kinky Kristmas reveals post is up at [ profile] daily_deviant, so I can say that I wrote this, to [personal profile] songquake's delicious prompts:

Pomona Sprout and the Five Points from Hufflepuff [AO3]
(NC-17, school-age-but-probably-legal Pomona/Minerva, kinks including tickling, teasing, and embarrassment)

Speaking of which, I found an embarrassment of riches in my [community profile] fandom_stocking! There seems to be a glitch right now where I can't comment there without it being screened, but rest assured I love my gifts and deeply appreciate everyone who took the time to make something for me, including but not limited to:

- State-Transition Function by [personal profile] sineala (ST:TOS, Uhura gen with linguistics!)
- Your Move by [personal profile] moontyger (WoW, Anduin/Wrathion with UST!)
- For the Horde by [personal profile] hannelore (WoW, Thrall & Vol'jin gen with barely-subtextual D/s!)
- An Introduction by [personal profile] smallbrownfrog (HP, Luna/Minerva pre-femslash with Gilbert & Sullivan references!)
- Outstanding by [personal profile] chokolattejedi (HP, Hermione/Septima with power play!)
- Krycek and Scully art from [personal profile] ani_bester and another Krycek art from [personal profile] tarlanx! *rolls around in XF nostalgia*
- Uhura art from [personal profile] trobadora! Uhura! ♥♥♥

I really meant to do all kinds of things for this fest, but what actually happened was I signed up for it and then promptly forgot about it until the deadline had, in fact, passed. I suck, I know. Next year I'll do better. But due to the technical problems that delayed the fest going live, I managed a few icons for people, at least, and one ficlet, which is so tailored to [personal profile] hannelore's interests that it might be incomprehensible to anyone else, but here it is anyway:

The Terrible Secret of Warsong Gulch
(G, Venture Bros., 21 & 24 friendship)

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[ profile] tamlane asked, What are the most outlandish het pairings you would enjoy reading, and why?

In theory, any. There is no such thing as a pairing that I would refuse to read on principle, and if the story turned out to be good, I'd enjoy it.

But interpreting the question to mean pairings where I'd immediately get excited that they'd been written at all... Well, most of the pairings I like are already pretty far off the beaten path, so I'm gonna have to dig deep here. (Since it's [ profile] tamlane asking, I assume Harry Potter pairings are what's meant, so I'll stick to that.)

Five-ish weird het pairings that I would fall all over myself to read if they were actually ever written )

Provided this post didn't scare you off it, you can still give me questions/topics on LJ and DW.

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I wasn't signed up for [community profile] femslashex, but I picked up two pinch hits:

Opening (Explicit, ST:TNG, Tasha Yar/Deanna Troi) for [personal profile] ariestess
Tasha can read Deanna's body as well as Deanna can read her heart.
content notes: D/s play including light bondage

All Roads Lead To (Teen, HP, Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood) for [personal profile] sharpest_asp
After leaving Hogwarts, Cho isn't sure if there's a place for her anymore in the fight against Voldemort. Luna comes to convince her that there is.

Now to read! And then to work on all the holiday fest fics I need to write! /o\

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Last week I got to post my first entry for [ profile] daily_deviant:

Particularly Happy (NC-17, Harry/Ginny) [AO3]
Harry and Ginny revisit an old haunt and rewrite history.
content notes: They're of age (very much so) but roleplay as adolescent virgins. Whee!

The pairing may seem out of left field coming from me, since my taste in shipping usually ranges from the rare to the vanishingly rare, but somehow the combination of October's prompts and the remaining squares on my [community profile] kink_bingo card made it happen.

In other news, some kind person nominated a few of my fics for [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. Awards are something I tend to be wary of because I've been in fandoms where they sort of turned into annual wank-generating machines, but hopefully nothing like that will happen here. In any case, it's very flattering to be nominated alongside some authors whose work I really love, and I appreciate whoever took the time to nominate my stuff. ♥

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